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I Love 1/6 Dolls...

Yaay, new clothing for Fuurin brought to you by Mattel (and geta by Takara :P). XD Poor FRUiTS... And I still have the urge to buy lots of nice WTG, Azone, and Jenny (as long as I can get that "Von Catch" thing!) stuff for her. ¬_¬ ...and a Blythe. *death* Too bad I don't have a job, or any money. XD

This first outfit is probably my favorite. (Is that surprising? XD no.) It's all casual sweet lolita-ish. Fuu is making a call from my guitar amp. >_> I wish her wig would stay on when I do that to it. XD

I really like this one too. I have to take her feet off to put the boots on her, because they'll get stuck inside them if I don't. :P The little necklace is really cute. XD My maneki neko looks like a scary stalker back there. And isn't my halloween napkin great?! Oh yes, I think so.

And AGAIN her left eye is glowing and looking scary! I hate flash, really I do. This one is sort of cute too. XD I didn't like the white boots with it, so I just used the geta that came with her yukata. *dies* They look funky with the cut off tube sock things. The Takuya Angel shirt is cute. :D ...And again maneki neko, this time that was intended though.
Fuurin needs a halloween costume. I'll have to go in my basement and find some frightening old Barbie outfit for her. *dies* She's so pampered.

Oh, happy birthday Haanah. >_>
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