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Holy crap I'm going to Maine again. D: WTF this is only the 20somethingth time I've been there. When I get back I'll do something with my lyfe. Okay then, we shall see.
I have BOOKS to read. I'll make a list of them. I feel bad because I haven't posted on LJ in a long time. DX;
-Tanith Lee: Faces Under Water
-Tanith Lee: Saint Fire
-Tanith Lee: Mortal Suns
-Yukio Mishima: Forbidden Colors
-a WoT book I still haven't finished, how sad
Okay I really lack anything interesting to say except that there's a bassist named Hitoshi Watanabe and he confuses me and should die. :D
Oh, and school was...bad this year. Hurray for it.
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