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2005 H!P Shuffles Rant

Sexy Otona Jan: Onna, Kanashii, Otona
Miki Fujimoto, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Megumi Murakami
...What the. :D WHY ARE THERE 2 KIDS AND THEN MIKI IN THE "SEXY" GROUP? D: THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Can't wait to see what the hell this turns out to be.
Miki= Onna, Otona
Miyabi= Kanashii
Megumi= Kanashii

Elegies: Inshouba Renoir no you ni
Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Ayumi Shibata, Mai Satoda
Not a bad lineup, just why are there FOUR people in this group, when there could easily be like...11. :D USE EVERYONE, TSUNKU. THIS'D BETTER NOT DISAPPOINT ME. I LIKE ALL THESE PEOPLE, BUT COME ON. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS. I WOULD BE A BETTER PRODUCER, GOD.

Puripuri Pink: Hitoshirezu mune wo kanaderu yoru no aki
Yuko Nakazawa, Kaori Iida, Kei Yasuda, Atsuko Inaba
YAY, YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING RIGHT, TSUNKU?! This group is a very good idea says me. D:

Hello! Project: Ai no Tane 2005
Asami Kimura, Hitomi Saitou , Yuki Maeda, Momoko Tsugunaga, Erika Miyoshi

Tsunku, you are kidding me. :D He's absolutely insane for not putting any of the NUN girls in any of these, and so many other people. LIKE YOSSI, AYAKA, IMAI(okayno). Mitsuo you are such a bitch. DX
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