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For some reason searching for "machine -mean -drum -rage against the -love -richard cheese" amused me. I actually got the dolls up on my site. x_x Holy crap. There's a lot I want to doll right now, but I'm too busy/lazy/stupid. And I currently feel like CIRCUIT.V.PANTHER is breathing down the back of my neck, which isn't a pleasant feeling. T_T I don't know why this is. But I do know why it's unpleasant. D:
Anne, please never post pictures of that man in running shorts again. :D *almost had a seizure*
We got out of school at 1 today, and people had ski club at 3, so they had to stay, and some of my friends were, so I stayed too. We walked to Subway and ate fresh. Then we window shopped and looked intently at the store that sells things like portable toilets with railings. Those things are so hot. T_T Then I went home...and I am sitting here. :D
I had a scary Blythe dream that I got a Hollywood (wtf I don't even like Hollywoods :D) and a Fruit Punch. The Hollywood had really neat weird pink eyes with red pupils. The Fruit Punch had tons of matted mohair half-rooted into its scalp. >_> I took it out and it didn't look very FruPu-ish. D: It instead had a dirty blonde mullet. Then the world vanished in a flash of torrential rain or something. I can't remember. I think I had a dream about Hikohiko-kun too. :D Not as exciting as Imai breaking his leg climbing a tree, but it was happy. Hmm...there's a Kenner on ebay and it's starting at $1,333.33, and they call it a huge bargain. :D It's not mint, gah. I bet it has a dead colony of parasitic wasps in its head. DX
What else can I rant about...nothing. :D KBYE
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