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Come hither young child. :D

Okay today is GREAT. I'm glad I got to come to school today and have the time of my life once more. Ze iPod froze on a song I wasn't even listening to. DX That saddens me. I am having fun being lazy and not doing anything right now. During study hall Anne, Laura and I went and sat in the art room. D: WE FELT SO FREE, THERE WAS NO ELSE THERE. Well, except for these people that had to borrow a large knife...>_> I found that to be suspicious. OH WELL, I'll check my grades then ditch this joint because it's 2:50. D: I drew a picture of TETSU69 for Jams and it got really messed up. I also explained what narwhals are to my English class. KTHXBAI. Oh and yesterday I made a cootie catcher *SNORTS* that tells you how you're going to die. :D The results are like firecrackers, strychnine, a staple gun, etc. That was so fun. DX OKAY, BYE NOW.
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