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I got lost in the mail, sorry.

UHH HI THERE. I haven't posted all winter break, bad me. I am happy. I just ordered some stuff.
Here is what I ordered:
-2 hide pins
-3 FAKE? pins (YES, FAKE? D<)
-2 hide guitar picks
-set of 1 ken pick & 2 tetsu (laruku)
-hide guitar phone strap (okay so I don't have a phone DX)
-*oh I got a Kiyoshi pick too *dies* I forgot :D;;

I need a job. :D
This is so great. :D He looks so dazed in that first picture. Keiko Terada is obnoxious. I am dying. Thx. This makes me want to learn how to play the drums (except...I won't! n_n!!). GO GO.

Hmm, I must resurrect Fuu. My mother even says so. *dies* Must go buy sandpaper spongeness and fake eyelashes since I really wanted to try those on her. I foiled Blake's green chips with gold origami foil and her orange with red, and you can hardly tell, but I still think they look better. When I get unlazy I'll do her pink and blue ones. Eventually I'd like to get some P-chips for her.

If anyone knows of anything cool in the L.A./Orange County/Hunington Beach area please let me know. </random>

Soon I must make illustrations of produce and natto. Good night.
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