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Boredom is officially dangerous.

I got really bored today and made a pair of shitty pants out of this bandana thing for a 22cm doll. D: The only 22cm doll that I could find, that I currently own, was a Little Mermaid doll that I've had since I was about 3. I think her purpose of existence is to make Fuurin look really good next to her. >_>; Oh yeah, and I gave Fuu a new faceup, but I don't like it and my camera died after I took the scary pants picture. Oh well. And I blushed her body. (wtfwhoblushes1/6dolls'bodies?) =_= So I need to give her a new faceup, and real eyelashes. I also sanded her feet because they got a bit scratched when I was taking them out of boots with tweezers, oops.

My eyes, they burn. *_@;;
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