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NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an incredible movie. TINA, EAT SOME HAM. Everyone should go see it if they have not. D: I went to see it with ze Anne, and it was funny because we always laughed earlier than everyone else because it took forever for the 7th grade boys to understand why the guy was driving away leaving the broken tupperware on the road. T_T was Freshmen Welcome, which means we had to do things such as sing for seniors in the hallway then they would give us candy. D: At one point one senior said "And we have something to tell you..." and I yelled "WHAT?" during unexpected dead silence and everyone stared at me. @_@; MARY MADE A SPORM (sperm-spoon) FOR ME TODAY, and it's really nice. I'm very thankful.
Wow, I really need to take a FIELD TRIP to ze village so I can torment, and enjoy myself.
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