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Oh Happy Day!

I couldn't stop singing this D.A.I song, so I finally just did the smart thing and went and got it off of bit torrent. XD;
School was NOT educational today. (no kidding?!) We had a lot of definitions to do in biology, but I couldn't concentrate on them because of all of the hilarious and suggestive terminology. @_@; I was also elated to see the word flagellum appear on the vocabulary list as well.
I tried out for GYPSY today, I bet I failed miserably and embarassed myself infront of a whole lot of people. XD Oh well I wasn't as bad as some people! I almost peed my pants when this one guy sang a song about pickpocketing from Oliver and put on a cap and scarf to do his song. o__o The girl singing "Tomorrow" off-key almost deafened me, and made me lose my mind. D:
Mr. Super Clear is staring at me with it's un-usedness. I didn't spray Fuurin's face because I'm a perfectionist (who can't manage to make stuff decent D:) and I just want to let this face-up wear off. Oh well, maybe I'll go spray my neighbors or something.
I need the MLJ shirt with the demented kewpie on Someone give me 10 dollars. =_=
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