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TODAY I OVERDOSED. [02 Jul 2005|10:40am]
Ahahaha, yes I did.
Just because there's a nice pill lying next to mine on the counter doesn't mean it's mine.
So I took 180 MG of meds this morning, nice going! Then I had to drink a ton of water and make myself throw up, which was a lot of fun. Then I asked my mom if I could pretend I have tourettes and she said no. D: The Genkai Haretsu PV just came on...how strangely appropriate, except I wasn't purposely drugged, though I told my mother that it was a plot. *dies* Then my dad was like "LET'S GO OUT TO EAT!" ...great idea, sir. :D! I REALLY want to eat and be in public right now. So very much. Okay so that's my really boring story.

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TRASH [09 Jun 2005|09:57pm]
Holy crap I'm going to Maine again. D: WTF this is only the 20somethingth time I've been there. When I get back I'll do something with my lyfe. Okay then, we shall see.
I have BOOKS to read. I'll make a list of them. I feel bad because I haven't posted on LJ in a long time. DX;
-Tanith Lee: Faces Under Water
-Tanith Lee: Saint Fire
-Tanith Lee: Mortal Suns
-Yukio Mishima: Forbidden Colors
-a WoT book I still haven't finished, how sad
Okay I really lack anything interesting to say except that there's a bassist named Hitoshi Watanabe and he confuses me and should die. :D
Oh, and school was...bad this year. Hurray for it.

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2005 H!P Shuffles Rant [18 May 2005|05:20pm]
Sexy Otona Jan: Onna, Kanashii, Otona
Miki Fujimoto, Miyabi Natsuyaki, Megumi Murakami
...What the. :D WHY ARE THERE 2 KIDS AND THEN MIKI IN THE "SEXY" GROUP? D: THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Can't wait to see what the hell this turns out to be.
Miki= Onna, Otona
Miyabi= Kanashii
Megumi= Kanashii

Elegies: Inshouba Renoir no you ni
Ai Takahashi, Reina Tanaka, Ayumi Shibata, Mai Satoda
Not a bad lineup, just why are there FOUR people in this group, when there could easily be like...11. :D USE EVERYONE, TSUNKU. THIS'D BETTER NOT DISAPPOINT ME. I LIKE ALL THESE PEOPLE, BUT COME ON. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS. I WOULD BE A BETTER PRODUCER, GOD.

Puripuri Pink: Hitoshirezu mune wo kanaderu yoru no aki
Yuko Nakazawa, Kaori Iida, Kei Yasuda, Atsuko Inaba
YAY, YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING RIGHT, TSUNKU?! This group is a very good idea says me. D:

Hello! Project: Ai no Tane 2005
Asami Kimura, Hitomi Saitou , Yuki Maeda, Momoko Tsugunaga, Erika Miyoshi

Tsunku, you are kidding me. :D He's absolutely insane for not putting any of the NUN girls in any of these, and so many other people. LIKE YOSSI, AYAKA, IMAI(okayno). Mitsuo you are such a bitch. DX

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WHYAREYOUCLOSINGE#Aw64eyrse46a4u8zrua [18 Apr 2005|04:23pm]
Let's sit here and cry because we can. :D Jesus. Frustration.

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[07 Mar 2005|08:39am]
D: I am at school. I want to see the new FAKE? pv so badly, but alas, no bittorrent at school for me. XD;
@_@...Ken in drag. *falls over and dies*
For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about Atsushi's nice Fantasy live this morning. D: Poor Cube Juice...or not.
Wow, I still have quite a bit of time in this class. Later I think I will write my evaluation of Withering to Death because...I can. Very interesting album...:D
Uh, I can't think of anything else to say. This Thai streaming radio thing is interesting. KTHXBAI.

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For some reason searching for "machine -mean -drum -rage against the -love -richard cheese" amused me. I actually got the dolls up on my site. x_x Holy crap. There's a lot I want to doll right now, but I'm too busy/lazy/stupid. And I currently feel like CIRCUIT.V.PANTHER is breathing down the back of my neck, which isn't a pleasant feeling. T_T I don't know why this is. But I do know why it's unpleasant. D:
Anne, please never post pictures of that man in running shorts again. :D *almost had a seizure*
We got out of school at 1 today, and people had ski club at 3, so they had to stay, and some of my friends were, so I stayed too. We walked to Subway and ate fresh. Then we window shopped and looked intently at the store that sells things like portable toilets with railings. Those things are so hot. T_T Then I went home...and I am sitting here. :D
I had a scary Blythe dream that I got a Hollywood (wtf I don't even like Hollywoods :D) and a Fruit Punch. The Hollywood had really neat weird pink eyes with red pupils. The Fruit Punch had tons of matted mohair half-rooted into its scalp. >_> I took it out and it didn't look very FruPu-ish. D: It instead had a dirty blonde mullet. Then the world vanished in a flash of torrential rain or something. I can't remember. I think I had a dream about Hikohiko-kun too. :D Not as exciting as Imai breaking his leg climbing a tree, but it was happy. Hmm...there's a Kenner on ebay and it's starting at $1,333.33, and they call it a huge bargain. :D It's not mint, gah. I bet it has a dead colony of parasitic wasps in its head. DX
What else can I rant about...nothing. :D KBYE

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LOVE FOR NANA [29 Jan 2005|02:46pm]
Well this is interesting! It's out in March, and it's a NANA tribute album where these (mostly)nice people pretend they're the BLACK STONES or TRAPNEST or somthing. I want to hit Skye Sweetnam over the head with a shovel, but that's okay. :D I'm happy to see D.A.I., Tommy heavenly, SEX MACHINEGUNS, TETSU69, Ai Otsuka, and Hikohiko-kun on the lineup. *_*


Do As Infinity
Tommy heavenly6
Kaela Kimura
Glen Matlock and The Phillistines feat. Holly Cook (From SEX PISTOLS)

Ai Otsuka
Tomoyasu Hotei feat. Miho Moribayashi
Skye Sweetnam
vabingdon boys school(Takanori Nishikawa, T.M. REVOLUTION & ...someone?)

iLOVE for NANA (idon'tknow:D):

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Come hither young child. :D [28 Jan 2005|02:37pm]
Okay today is GREAT. I'm glad I got to come to school today and have the time of my life once more. Ze iPod froze on a song I wasn't even listening to. DX That saddens me. I am having fun being lazy and not doing anything right now. During study hall Anne, Laura and I went and sat in the art room. D: WE FELT SO FREE, THERE WAS NO ELSE THERE. Well, except for these people that had to borrow a large knife...>_> I found that to be suspicious. OH WELL, I'll check my grades then ditch this joint because it's 2:50. D: I drew a picture of TETSU69 for Jams and it got really messed up. I also explained what narwhals are to my English class. KTHXBAI. Oh and yesterday I made a cootie catcher *SNORTS* that tells you how you're going to die. :D The results are like firecrackers, strychnine, a staple gun, etc. That was so fun. DX OKAY, BYE NOW.

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LIKE A TEST TUBE BABY [24 Jan 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | el poo ]

I am at school having a FASCINATING time. I should go on ebay and see if my dad bought me the bass. *DIES* We have a splendid liturgy today. I'm REALLY EXCITED FOR THAT. 8D YAY. Ooh dress code check. Scary. I hope I'm special. Yay I passed. How surprising. Percy's stupid. :D ahahaha. Yay the seniors get to go downstairs now. D: Then they will call ze Juniors, and then ze Sophomores, and then US. We are priviledged. kbye. :D

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[09 Jan 2005|12:13am]
Tsunku is a cunt. :D The end.

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I got lost in the mail, sorry. [29 Dec 2004|10:15pm]
UHH HI THERE. I haven't posted all winter break, bad me. I am happy. I just ordered some stuff.
Here is what I ordered:
-2 hide pins
-3 FAKE? pins (YES, FAKE? D<)
-2 hide guitar picks
-set of 1 ken pick & 2 tetsu (laruku)
-hide guitar phone strap (okay so I don't have a phone DX)
-*oh I got a Kiyoshi pick too *dies* I forgot :D;;

I need a job. :D

This is so great. :D He looks so dazed in that first picture. Keiko Terada is obnoxious. I am dying. Thx. This makes me want to learn how to play the drums (except...I won't! n_n!!). GO GO.

Hmm, I must resurrect Fuu. My mother even says so. *dies* Must go buy sandpaper spongeness and fake eyelashes since I really wanted to try those on her. I foiled Blake's green chips with gold origami foil and her orange with red, and you can hardly tell, but I still think they look better. When I get unlazy I'll do her pink and blue ones. Eventually I'd like to get some P-chips for her.

If anyone knows of anything cool in the L.A./Orange County/Hunington Beach area please let me know. </random>

Soon I must make illustrations of produce and natto. Good night.

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SKASH [18 Nov 2004|08:41pm]
My first Blythe (Groovy Groove) is probably riding around in the mail truck somewhere around here. >_>; No one was here to sign for the package when she came today, so I have to go pick her up tomorrow morning. Err, so yeah she will probably sit in my locker all day or something. *dies* My Blythe is getting the star treatment already. XD
Yay, just three more performances of Gypsy and I'm completely done. *_* But alas, the suffering prevails on. D:
I saw a sign that said "Hotu". =_=

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Everything's coming up roses. D: [07 Nov 2004|10:14pm]
Well, holy mall kiosks, I'm not going to be on...AT ALL this week because of the freakish wonder known as Gypsy. DX I have rehersal after school until 9:30 every night, then performances in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. +_+ Wow, I sure am looking forward to this. I had a 10-hour-long rehersal today which was just...enthralling. I'm sad because I couldn't get my shobo-13 contest entry done in time. DX Crap. Well...I'll be back on Monday or something. @_@ Au revoir.

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Boredom is officially dangerous. [30 Oct 2004|08:15pm]
I got really bored today and made a pair of shitty pants out of this bandana thing for a 22cm doll. D: The only 22cm doll that I could find, that I currently own, was a Little Mermaid doll that I've had since I was about 3. I think her purpose of existence is to make Fuurin look really good next to her. >_>; Oh yeah, and I gave Fuu a new faceup, but I don't like it and my camera died after I took the scary pants picture. Oh well. And I blushed her body. (wtfwhoblushes1/6dolls'bodies?) =_= So I need to give her a new faceup, and real eyelashes. I also sanded her feet because they got a bit scratched when I was taking them out of boots with tweezers, oops.

My eyes, they burn. *_@;;

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[28 Oct 2004|11:10am]
I'm in the nice Word Processing room at school. DX I hate this. I feel NOT GOOD. Oh well...I'll live. Today we could wear our Halloween costumes, and I wore my devil horn headphones and some clothes and a teeshirt that I wrote all over that says "...HI :D" on the back. Anne is my body guard. Percy is absent today, which makes me sad. Oh well. Musical practice is becoming...bad. DX And I need to finish the Shobo-13 for contest, yes. UMM...THAT'S ABOUT ALL. Oh, and I talked to Phillip and HAANAH the other day which caused me pain and frustration. u_u ...bye D:

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[15 Oct 2004|09:47pm]
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an incredible movie. TINA, EAT SOME HAM. Everyone should go see it if they have not. D: I went to see it with ze Anne, and it was funny because we always laughed earlier than everyone else because it took forever for the 7th grade boys to understand why the guy was driving away leaving the broken tupperware on the road. T_T
ALSO...today was Freshmen Welcome, which means we had to do things such as sing for seniors in the hallway then they would give us candy. D: At one point one senior said "And we have something to tell you..." and I yelled "WHAT?" during unexpected dead silence and everyone stared at me. @_@; MARY MADE A SPORM (sperm-spoon) FOR ME TODAY, and it's really nice. I'm very thankful.
Wow, I really need to take a FIELD TRIP to ze village so I can torment, and enjoy myself.

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I Love 1/6 Dolls... [09 Oct 2004|09:12am]
[ mood | oww braces ]

Yaay, new clothing for Fuurin brought to you by Mattel (and geta by Takara :P). XD Poor FRUiTS... And I still have the urge to buy lots of nice WTG, Azone, and Jenny (as long as I can get that "Von Catch" thing!) stuff for her. ¬_¬ ...and a Blythe. *death* Too bad I don't have a job, or any money. XD

This first outfit is probably my favorite. (Is that surprising? XD no.) It's all casual sweet lolita-ish. Fuu is making a call from my guitar amp. >_> I wish her wig would stay on when I do that to it. XD
Two more under cut.Collapse )
Oh, happy birthday Haanah. >_>

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[08 Oct 2004|01:00pm]
WHOA YEAH, I'M ALIVE. Sorry, I haven't updated in a long long time.
No school today, because we couldn't be there when all of the lovely little 5th and 6th graders came to visit.
I am really really happy because I got a large envelope from Joe no Basurobu today and it was full of insanely amusing and lovely contents. *_* Yes, I found the piece of tape, don't worry. The illustration of Ken Lloyd made me snort quite a lot, for some reason. @_@ But THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I will need to think of stuff to send onward to you! D: I have a lot of stuff I need to mail, like that postcard for Elodie that is...somewhere. XD
Hmm I'd better think about starting to get blacksakura.net back up. DX

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Uhhh...right!  I never remember to put dolls and that sort of thing up, so voila!

base: none used Finished Sept. 12th, 04

base: Papaya HDL Finished Sept. 5th, 04


Now tell me how weird looking they are, please. :D

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Oh Happy Day! [14 Sep 2004|11:13pm]
I couldn't stop singing this D.A.I song, so I finally just did the smart thing and went and got it off of bit torrent. XD;
School was NOT educational today. (no kidding?!) We had a lot of definitions to do in biology, but I couldn't concentrate on them because of all of the hilarious and suggestive terminology. @_@; I was also elated to see the word flagellum appear on the vocabulary list as well.
I tried out for GYPSY today, I bet I failed miserably and embarassed myself infront of a whole lot of people. XD Oh well I wasn't as bad as some people! I almost peed my pants when this one guy sang a song about pickpocketing from Oliver and put on a cap and scarf to do his song. o__o The girl singing "Tomorrow" off-key almost deafened me, and made me lose my mind. D:
Mr. Super Clear is staring at me with it's un-usedness. I didn't spray Fuurin's face because I'm a perfectionist (who can't manage to make stuff decent D:) and I just want to let this face-up wear off. Oh well, maybe I'll go spray my neighbors or something.
I need the MLJ shirt with the demented kewpie on it...now. Someone give me 10 dollars. =_=

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